Carfax wins MBA Award in 2009MBA_Winner_09_small                        

Category: Sporting Facilities up to $5 million – Construction Technique / Equipment
Project: Jindabyne Recreation Hall Stage 1, Jindabyne Academy of Sport & Recreation


MBA AwardsThey recently completed a new auditorium at the NSW Sport and Recreation site at Jindabyne and this project won the category of Sporting Facilities up to $5 million – Construction Technique/Equipment.

The aim was to provide a mixed use structure to accommodate the needs of staff & visitors and a student learning facility as a central hub for the organisation. This facility is being used for the delivery and co-ordination of the centre’s overall learning experience for students.

An existing dilapidated building was demolished to make way for the new 655m2 building, with associated road works and landscaping. The building represents stage one of a three stage master planned project, that will be a significant upgrade of the student precinct.

 To meet the client's requirements of a compressed timeline, an innovative construction methodology was conceived. It was decided that the wet and storage spaces be prefabricated off site and the primary steel framed building was designed as an independent braced structure to allow for the prefabricated elements to be craned into place.phoca_thumb_l_project_nswsport_1

Each 35m2 prefabricated module was constructed in vertical halves, with the upper section of each complete with roof structure, and pre-fitted with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services – serving as plant for the entire complex. The lower section was pre-finished for occupancy. The cladding was designed to allow the steel framed elements to be seamlessly fastened together on site. Sub floor vented voids were designed to allow for stormwater and sewer outfall, and the connection of an extensive hydronic slab heating system.

High levels of insulation were provided through all external elements, polystyrene lightweight cladding, combined with shadowclad plywood and matrix panels, together with double glazed low E window suites, ensure that the building will have high thermal performance in the sub-alpine conditions.

The client is delighted with the outcome and envisages additional commercial opportunities for the centre during those times when the facilities are not in use by the centre’s core market groups.