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Accreditations / Certifications

Carfax Commercial Constructions places the utmost importance on the safety of all staff, subcontractors, clients, consultants, and the general public visiting or passing our project sites.

We have a fully certified Quality Management System, which incorporates the following International Standards in Safety and Environmental Systems:

  • Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001: 2015
  • Occupational Health & Safety Systems – ISO 45001:2018
  • Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001: 2015

Our WHS System is verified to the NSW Govt WH&S Management System & Auditing Guidelines, 5th Edition, and our EMS is verified to the NSW Govt WH&S Management System & Auditing Guidelines, 3rd Edition.

Our Site Manager and Project Manager will be continuously monitoring the quality of all works, to ensure testing and records are compiled and maintained in accordance with our Quality System, and to meet contractual requirements.

Our Quality Systems Manager and Company Health & Safety Representative ensure that all staff are pro-active in their approach to delivering Best Practice on our Quality, WHS and Environmental Management Systems.

To view our Certification Certificates and NSW Government Accreditation, click on the following images