Norma Parker Early Works

Norma Parker Early Works

The Norma Parker Early Works contract was a Heritage refurbishment in North Parramatta in the Norma Parker Precinct. The project incorporated the provision of new amenities, landscaped areas and structural repairs while maintaining the original fabric of the area for use by the public.

The N08 bathroom underwent a refurbishment, whilst preserving the sandstone feature wall. The male, female and disabled facilities included new drainage, slabs, new terrazzo toilet partitions, tiles, and fittings. The external façade works included the stripping of paint, repointing of the brickwork, structural repairs to the roof structure and new galvanised roof sheeting to match the original.

Carfax completed a full structural restoration to the N02 walkway roof timber framing including the splicing and bracing of the timber structure with new galvanised roof sheeting , and a new slab was poured in the walkway.

A new hydrant system with diesel pump was installed to service the entire Norma Parker precinct as part of the external works along with new garden beds, planting, decomposed granite pathways, recycled brick edging, and new turfing.

The Fleet Street sandstone fence was also dismantled, the footing was replaced in sections and the wall was rebuilt in its original position utilizing the original sandstone The original cast iron fence was dismantled, repaired with stainless steel extensions into the stonework and painted to match the original.

Client & PM:  Property NSW
Architect:  TKD Architects