Ku-ring-gai Chase Basin Trail Upgrade Stage 3

Ku-ring-gai Chase Basin Trail Upgrade Stage 3

This contract incorporated the installation of 600 Lineal Metres of concrete road down, steep sections of the basin trail that leads to the campground area to create safe access for fire trucks & general movements.

The project involved cutting and filling to make sure falls in the fire trail allow water to run down the low sides without pooling on one side of the track and creating erosion.

The project was complicated environmentally, due to the significant aboriginal heritage art on rock formations, and native flora and fauna adjacent to the track. A high degree of caution was taken in ensuring that these were not damaged in any way.

Although quite difficult due to the large volume of rainfall over the concrete period, and the narrow access, the project was successfully delivered ahead of programme, which included transportation of concrete trucks in and out of the narrow track, reversing down steep sections of fire trail to pour concrete, and with the use of 200metre line pumps.

Client & PM: The NSW Department of Environment & Heritage