Audley Boatshed Restoration

Audley Boatshed Restoration

The project involved the repair and restoration of the 77m long Audley Boatshed built in 1938. The boatshed works consisted of a 280m2 timber slipway into the water to replicate the original slipway that was beyond repair, in addition to 210m2 of new hardwood decks over the Hacking River.
These works included the excavation of built-up materials under the original slipway, installation of 56 new timber piles using barge and excavators placed on the river, new framing and decking boards to match the original structure.
The Boatshed works consisted of major conservation and structural repairs to the boatshed timber structure that had failed over time due to floods and settlement. The original tiled roof was stripped and replaced with new double sided Colorbond roofing to match the colour of the original tiled roof. New structural bracing was installed throughout the structure to repair major sagging in the ridgeline, and the realignment of the walls, and repairs and conservation of damaged timbers. Sections of the boatshed floor were removed and replaced to original condition, to repair sagging in the floor that had occurred due to previous floods and settlement.
The following items were installed in the Boatshed:
 New lighting to accommodate catering events and a boat hire office
 New heritage style timber doors to match the original, using timbers from the original boatshed framing for door jambs
 Accessibility upgrade to accommodate public use including the installation of new sliding doors in the concrete wall
 A pergola structure for event hire including sandstone retaining walls
 Restoration and repairs to 24 original timber roller shutters consisting of 40mm horizontal timber slats
 BCA upgrades so the facility is compliant for public use
Client & PM:  NSW Dept of Industry, Planning & Environment
Architect:  TKD Architects

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